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The great national experiment that is the American experience has been secured for well over 200 years by, more than anything else, the men and women of United States Armed Forces. 

The United States of America is unique in that it was founded, over 230 years ago, on the belief that opportunity and freedom should be the same for the wealthy as well as the poor, and equal to everyone. The reality did not match the promise at that time. In the decades and centuries since, It’s leaders and people have struggled to face  it’s flaws and correct them to make that promise available to everyone. Today, though still not perfect, we are a country that provides more freedom and equality than ever before, and I believe our political system, our Constitution and our laws have been changed to be more in line with the core promise that our country was founded upon all those decades ago. 

Just as freedom and equality are woven into the the very fabric of our national identity, so too is self-examination, honesty and a willingness to admit our errors and correct them woven into the fabric of our laws and national experience. Because of these values, today freedom, equality and opportunity have been extended to more citizens and permanent residents than ever before and I am confident that direction will continue. This is what makes our country unique among the Nations of the World.